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Malta Superyacht Ownership

Malta has excellent fundamentals for the legal domiciliation of superyachts.  High quality yacht management, berthing facilities and yacht maintenance services complement the favourable legal and tax environment for the registration and managemetn of superyachts for international HNWIs.

Malta: Europe's Biggest Superyacht Register

Despite the island’s relatively small size, Malta is the largest maritime registry in Europe and the 6th largest in the world. Particularly, it is one of the largest registries in Europe for pleasure yachts and super-yachts. Malta’s success in the maritime industry is due to the possibility of fiscal planning and VAT payment minimization in the context of yachts and super-yachts used for pleasure purposes. In relation to yachts used for pleasure in specifically in the European Union (EU), Malta offers a favourable regime for Value Added Tax (VAT) minimisation, potentially down to 5.4%, through a leasing set-up.


The agreement which binds berth owners is structured in the form of a contract of sale, not a mere long-term of lease, this conferring full ownership for the duration of the contract, normally 25 years. Such benefits for berth owners have made Malta an attractive and ever-growing hub for super yachts.

Malta Super Yacht Network

The formation of the Malta Super Yacht Network in recent years has continued to entrench Malta’s position as a center of excellence for super yachts in the Mediterranean. The Maltese islands have vast potential, built on decades of experience and investment in physical and human infrastructure. The Super Yacht Industry Network is driven by a group of local companies offering a wide spectrum of yacht repair & maintenance services to complete refits. The ‘’stamp of approval’’ implied by membership will safeguard and build on the very positive reputation that Malta has established, with a strong element of repeat business and portfolio that includes the world’s most prestigious super yachts.

Cyprus Superyacht Ownership

Cyprus stands in a cross-road between Europe, the Middle East and Africa and is developed a prime Super Yacht industry with commendable super yachts facilities.

Our Super Yachts Legal Team

Our Super Yachts team of lawyers at Chetcuti Cauchi is passionate about the yachting industry and specializes in solutions for super yachts owners, including yacht registrations and tax optimization of yacht ownership and enjoyment. Chetcuti Cauchi offers high quality and cost effective legal services to yacht owners, charterers, managers, lenders, insurers, brokers, designers or builders- whether the size or type of craft. We are fully geared towards helping luxury clients in all their needs related to super yachts.

Our Yachting lawyers enjoy longstanding experience and know how in the super yachts market. Several of our lawyers are members in their own right of the Royal Malta Yacht Club and own and sail their own yachts. Chetcuti Cauchi is also a member of the Malta Maritime Law Association. 

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