Structured Finance

Structured Finance

Our fully-encompassing Structured Finance practice provides a full range of services to cater for all our clients’ financial needs, optimally serving an array of clients which includes banks, corporate and sovereign entities, and export credit agencies. Our services encompass a spectrum of clients, from budding investors to leading players in the finance arena.

Acquisition and leveraged finance        

As part of our Structured Finance practice, we counsel clients such as banks, debt providers, corporate borrowers, financial advisers, as well as private-equity sponsors on all forms of acquisition and leveraged finance. We take pride in our Structured Finance professionals who are able to provide the critical support which our clients need to get through today’s complex transactions, by offering inventive solutions.

Asset-based lending

Corporate and financial institutions are seeking our Structured Finance lawyers for advice in respect of asset-based lending, a rather complex and sophisticated loan transaction. We are able to provide a number of services in respect of asset-based lending transactions, namely bilateral domestic working capital facilities and global cross-border transactions.

Asset finance

Whilst our lawyers can provide advice on the tried and tested traditional forms of asset finance, our lawyers’ specialist knowledge of the sector allows them to open doors to new, unique perspectives in the sector of asset finance in order to help clients develop their own legal and financing structures and techniques.

Capital Markets

The interdisciplinary nature of our firm allows our Structured Finance lawyers to work hand in with colleagues from our Capital Markets team in order to provide clients with the most comprehensive advice in relation to various debt instruments. We aim to address their funding requirements by structuring novel securities and utilising other any other means to keep up with the dynamic market setting.

Corporate lending

Our Structured Finance practice covers a vast range of banking practices including syndicated loans and structured finance, as well as receivables finance. Our firm strives to be a pioneer and leave a mark in the sector by producing efficient and ingenious solutions.


Our firm guides investment banks, fund managers, derivatives services providers, corporate and hedge funds on the range of market-standard documentation required, complex collateral structures, OTC and exchange-traded derivatives (Structures and securitised derivatives), as well as repos, securities lending, insurance and alternative risk transfer products. We also offer counsel on Shariah-compliant structures.

Public finance

Our Structured Finance practice is fully geared towards helping clients to reach their goals in the municipal securities marketplace. Our professionals have a wealth of experience in counselling on bonds, disclosures, special tax considerations as well as general issues of tax exempt obligations. We can offer advice to our clients regarding underwriters, credit enhancers and liquidity providers.

Real Estate finance

Our team has a wide breadth of experience in equity and debt financing structures which are used in the commercial real estate sector. We guide clients in respect of: senior and mezzanine loan organisations tax structured investments, formation of funds, real estate M&A, securitisation, debt restructuring and workouts and loan portfolio sales, as well as Shariah-compliant products.

Structured trade and commodity finance

Our Structured Finance can help clients with financing the production, transportation and warehousing of a variety of commodities.

Project finance

With respect to structured and project finance, our Structured Finance lawyers have advised a wide range of clients, including sponsors, lenders, contractors and institutional investors on a spectrum of local and international deals.

Islamic Investment

Our firm caters for Shariah finance as well. We can help with the structuring of Shariah-compliant funds which generally prohibit the payment or acceptance of interest fees for the lending and accepting of money respectively, and prohibits the investments in businesses that provide goods or services deemed contrary to its principles.  

Financial restructuring and insolvency

Our Structured Finance practice also offers services related to Company Insolvency.

Our Structured Finance Practice

As financial markets are progressively becoming more interspersed, our firm has seen several clients, from budding enterprises, to key players in the financial sector, seeking comprehensive legal advice in respect of the intricacies of the main technologies and markets in order to gain that coveted competitive edge. We draw expertise from different practices within our firm in order to provide clients with the most innovative yet practical business-oriented solutions even in the most complex of transactions.

Thanks to their specialised industry knowledge, our structured finance lawyers can securitise a vast range of asset types, depending on your needs, with the aim to help you maximise current and prospective market opportunities. 

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