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Commercial Law is a practice group of many facets which covers legal issues affecting businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Contracts, verbal agreements, trading arrangements, international transactions, the delivery of goods and provision of services are all matters that have significant legal implications. It is therefore essential for every business to source sound legal advice in order to be able to mitigate business risks, comply with relevant legislation, and thrive. The best businesses understand that the law is not just a check list to be complied with; it is a challenge to be engaged with and a store of opportunities to be taken.

Chetcuti Cauchi has positioned itself as a top international commercial law firm in Malta and Cyprus thanks to our expertise and deep understanding of business. We offer comprehensive advice in the many-faceted sector of commercial law. 

Contract Law

A contract is a written agreement between two or more parties giving rise to obligations which are enforceable or recognised by law. Thus, in order to avoid ambiguity and ensure that a contract can be easily enforced, it is imperative that it is written in a clear and careful manner. A contract can deal with a wide variety of topics, such as the sale and purchase of goods, services or property, the terms and conditions of employment, and the settlement of a dispute.

We firmly believe and work towards our client’s contractual goals and the protection of his or her interest without getting lost in excessive legalistic verbosity. We strive to become knowledgeable of our clients’ industries and areas of commercial activity in order to be in a position to foresee practical applications and implications at the various stages of the applicability of a contract.

With years of experience, our experts provide high quality services that cover all legal aspects of forming, legalising and terminating contracts. We manage the relationship between the two parties, clarify the provisions of the contract and take care of the nature of obligation, as well as breach of contract, causation and remoteness of damage.

Dispute Resolution

It is fairly normal that at some point during the running of businesses, companies may encounter disputes which can emerge from various legal fields, including civil, commercial and corporate law. Thus, our firm provides consultancy on dispute resolution in Malta and Cyprus. Litigation is often resorted to as last resort if a dispute cannot be resolved amicably through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as arbitration or mediation or other out of court settlement. Our lawyers who specialise in particular practice groups work hand in hand with our litigation lawyers to provide the client a holistic solution, from a substantive and procedural point of view.  We also take care of a sizeable case load of debt recovery, counterfeit goods and maritime disputes. 

Employment & Labour Law

The employee is an invaluable asset of any company. The constitution of both Malta and Cyprus seeks to protect the worker, his/her right to employment and his/her standard of living. We offer advice to our clients in order to help them within the scope of Employment and Labour Law in issues concerning the relationship between workers (employees), employers, trade unions and the government, assisting clients  to identify, manage and reduce business risk in the fields of labour issues, human resources, and health & safety in a thorough and efficient way. Our high-value services include drafting and negotiating of employment or service agreements; delineating human resources policies including those related to discrimination, equal treatment on the workplace and wrongful discharge; assistance and consultancy related to recruitment; the attainment of work permits; training of clients managerial staff in relation to HR matters, including legal aspects thereof and litigation in the Industrial Tribunal and Civil Courts.

Our Commercial Law Practice

We have a wealth of expertise in commercial law and direct industry knowledge which helps us to provide our clients with sound advice even in the most challenging of times in this dynamic sector of law. The firm advises on an array of businesses, whether sole traders, partnerships or limited liability companies on various commercial matters. Our specialist knowledge of the sector and its issues enables our lawyers to provide results driven commercial advice to businesses and firms alike on traditional or modern commercial law concepts. 

Chetcuti Cauchi prides itself on the depth of its experience in all aspects of commercial law. Chetcuti Cauchi's understanding of business and of the specific needs peculiar to management, investors, entrepreneurs and staff, positions Chetcuti Cauchi as a foremost commercial law firm operating in the local and international corporate and commercial sphere. We consider ourselves to be a commercial law firm with a commercial approach, therefore we always help our clients to identify simple, practical solutions, and prefer to avoid costly and time consuming litigation whenever possible. We understand that our clients need effective, commercially savvy legal advice.

Malta & Cyprus Commercial Lawyers

Our Commercial Lawyers work hand in hand with other practitioners in the firm, thus offering a multi-disciplinary approach that benefits the clients. They are skilled in identifying and resolving legal issues and advising on effective solutions for scenarios involving personal and corporate tax, franchising, intellectual property, employment law, secured transactions, immigration, corporate finance and banking, real estate and leasing, environmental law, international trade, securities law and personal wealth management.

Other services we provide include corporate compliance and company secretarial services for private and public companies, setting up of brick-and-mortar or online business operations, formation of local and international companies, corporate finance, group restructuring, liquidations and commercial litigation.

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