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Multi-programme provider with Lawyers specialising in
the major Residency & Citizenship Programmes

As an international law firm, we are a multi-programme provider with Governmental licences authorising us to represent applicants for citizenship and residency programmes with the governments of various countries including Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, Saint Kitts, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Montenegro and Moldova.  Accordingly, we guide families, investors and entrepreneurs in understanding the various residence and citizenship options and our advice is always objective and solely based on our clients' best interests.  Our experience and specialisation enables us to also take on mandates to advise investors or their advisors on eligibility for the various programmes and to receive very confidential information within the context of our strict professional secrecy and lawyer-client privilege.

We offer all the programmes so we will advise only according to our clients' best interests.

Residency & Citizenship Advice within our Wider-Legal Practice

We specialise in residency and citizenship by investment programmes for international families seeking international access and mobility, education, business and investment opportunities in countries not otherwise accessible to them, whilst bringing increased wealth, talent, entrepreneurship and repute to the host countries.

Our firm has adopted a rounded approach which allows clients to benefit from our fully-integrated firm-wide services. Once we identify our clients' personal and commercial objectives, we ensure that any domestic or international wealth structuring, family wealth issues or disputes, family office matters, as well as real estate and commercial transactions or philanthropic intentions are aligned with such objectives.

Together with our Corporate and Tax teams, we offer an all-inclusive service to our clients, paying close attention to their intricate personal, business and legal requirements. We take pride in our level of professionalism and attention to detail, both essential elements in order to provide the best solutions to our private clients' needs. Typically, our role is to ensure that such clients adjust and familiarise themselves with Malta and to project manage their setting up from a legal, corporate and logistical aspect and assist them in compliance and ongoing matters.

A full-service law firm with key expertise in Residency & Citizenship with a holistic approach to immigration projects.

Citizenship by Investment Laws

Citizenship by investment programmes are available in four European countries which have seen the value of citizenship by investment programmes in attracting talent and foreign direct investment into their economies.  Malta and Cyprus are both EU member states and provide citizenship by investment programmes. Moldova and Montenegro are not members of the European Union but are situated geographically in the European continent and are on the path to EU membership, meanwhile providing visa free access in the Schengen Area.

Maltese Citizenship

Malta’s Individual Investor Programme has attracted affluent persons of impeccable standing and repute to be naturalised and to receive Maltese Citizenship on the basis of a contribution to and an investment in Malta. The firm was one of the forerunners in introducing citizenship by investment in Malta and represented the first group of u-/HNW family applicants as part of the pilot programme launched by Identity Malta, the agency responsible for the launch and administration of the programme. The firm was the very first firm to be granted ‘Approved Agent’ status by Identity Malta and saw the first Malta Citizenship approvals ever being issued under the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Our Residency and Citizenship Lawyers have satisfied the requirements imposed by the IIP Regulations as well as the requirements for ARMs under other Maltese residency programmes. The Maltese Citizenship Programme imposes more responsibilities on citizenship agents to ensure the highest standards of quality are maintained throughout the application process, for the protection and benefit of applicants and the reputation of the Maltese citizens by investment programme.

Individuals from different parts of the world, including the Middle-East, Russia, and the CIS, China, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, France and the US, have been represented by the firm. The firm provides VIP treatment to clients applying under this programme, offering end-to-end process management and concierge services, hand holding the client and family members throughout the application process and project managing any personal relocation process.  

At CCLEX we have also established ourselves in a leading position in immigration services in Cyprus with pragmatic experience in successful management of Citizenship and Residency applications. Our mission is to facilitate clients’ application process for Cypriot citizenship and residence in Cyprus and advise them with provision of additional services including legal assistance, drafting and review of property acquisition agreement and organising property valuations.

Montenegro Citizenship Programmes

The Montenegro citizenship programmes was launched in 2018. Although not part of the European Union and thus citizens of Montenegro do not gain EU citizenship, both countries offer visa free travel to the Schengen Area which is an area composes of 26 countries. Montenegro has already became an EU candidate and is expected to join by 2025.

Caribbean Citizenship Programmes

At CCLEX we also assist individuals in obtaining a second nationality through citizenship by investment programmes in the Caribbean area. The main benefit of applying for a citizenship by investment programme in one of these countries include the fact that all of these countries enjoy visa free access to the Schengen Area and with  a minimum investment in real estate or donation one would also be obtaining a second nationality for himself and his family members.
European Residence Programmes 

Throughout the years, we have assisted individuals and families from all over the globe to take up an alternative residence permit in Europe, and benefiting from the right to live in the country of their choice as well as to benefit from visa free travel within the 26 Schengen countries.


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