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 15 Sep 2022 
The Greece Golden Visa currently requires investors to invest at least €250,000 in residential or commercial real estate. Successful applicants and their qualifying family members receive permanent residence in Greece which is valid as long as the investor maintains the investment property in Greece.
 24 Aug 2022 
The Citizenship by Investment Unit of Antigua and Barbuda had initially announced on the 4th of March 2022 that it was temporarily suspending the receipt of citizenship applications from citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. On the 8th of July this decision was reversed, and the citizenship unit resumed processing of applications only for nationals of Russia and Belarus.
 11 Jul 2022 Admin
On March 10th, Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Unit had issued a circular prohibiting individuals with Russian and Belarussian citizenship from applying under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme. In March of 2022, all of the five Caribbean countries precluded Russians and Belarussians from applying under the various citizenship programmes.
 16 May 2022 
Turkey’s cabinet of Ministers had indicated last month that the minimum investment amount to apply for Turkish citizenship through the real estate option was due to increase.
 07 Feb 2022 
In the CBI Index issued by the PWM Magazine of the Financial Times, Malta, Dominica, and St Kitts & Nevis a have been considered to have the best CBI Programme Due Diligence Process.
 17 Jan 2022 
Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme has been renewed by The Government of Montenegro until the end of 2022. Requirements and benefits for investors are amended.
 10 Jan 2022 
The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme
 23 Nov 2021 
On Monday 22nd November 2021, Dominica signed an agreement with the People's Republic of China to allow visa-free travel between the two countries. The visa waiver agreement is effective immediately and Dominican passport holders can now travel to China without a visa.
 22 Nov 2021 
The Limited Time offer in relation to the Sustainable Growth Fund will expire on 31st December 2021 and will not be extended according to the Citizenship by Investment Unit. The Unit's CEO, Mr Les Khan confirmed that investors interested in applying for citizenship by investment in Saint Kitts & Nevis will only have until end of this year to qualify for the limited time offer.
 04 Nov 2021 
Malta Start-Up Residence Permit Announced

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