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European Residence Options for South Africans
Following the success of the Malta Residence & Visa Programme (MRVP) Malta launched a new permanent residence programme open for non-EU nationals. The newly announced Malta Permanent Residence Programme will grant a PR status to non-EU nationals investing in Malta from day one.
By creating a single status for European long-term resident third-country nationals, the Long Term Residence Directive approximates the laws of the Member States and ensures equal treatment throughout the Union, whatever the Member State of residence.
By investing in Malta Residence Programmes individuals and families can attain residency status and relocate to Malta. Amongst the programmes, the Malta Ordinary Residence Scheme gives EU/EEA nationals the right to transfer their tax residence to a high quality and safe jurisdiction such as Malta.
The Malta Permanent Residency Agency periodically issues a list of countries, nationals of which or those who have close ties to with them are not eligible to apply under the Malta Permanent Residence Programme.
Italian citizenship law allows citizenship in Italy to EU nationals who have lived in Italy for 4 years @ paid their taxes to Italy. Italian Citizenship.
 19 Jan 2021 . Magdalena Velkovska
Greece has made changes to its Tax Acts which include the introduction of a Non-Dom regime for Greek tax residents who can profit from a taxation exemption on foreign income.
The Maltese personal tax system is based on the key concepts of residence and domicile, not citizenship. Holding Maltese citizenship does not affect the taxation of a personal tax payer in Malta. Rather, a person is subject to tax on a remittance basis of taxation if only resident but not domiciled in Malta. In this article, Priscilla Mifsud Parker writes on the personal tax implications of acquiring Maltese Citizenship.
Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation is the process by which an alien, a non-Maltese person, is granted Maltese citizenship and nationality, on satisfying a number of requirements laid down in Maltese Citizenship law. Also referred to as citizenship by registration, naturalisation is often granted to persons with Maltese descent. However, this may also be granted on a humanitarian basis, as well as to persons who have rendered exceptional services to the Republic of Malta and invested in Malta.
The Portugal Golden Visa Residency Programme leads to EU citizenship within 6 years. A Portugal Golden Visa confers the rights to live & work in Portugal.

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