The Malta Permanent Residency Agency periodically issues a list of countries, nationals of which or those who have close ties to with them are not eligible to apply under the Malta Permanent Residence Programme.
Does failing the MIIP due diligence mean the applicant is of a shady or criminal background? What are the reasons for rejection under the MIIP? Senior citizenship law specialist Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti debunks the common misperception on the reasons for failing the MIIP strict due diligence process and on the grounds of rejection under the MIIP.
By investing in Malta Residence Programmes individuals and families can attain residency status and relocate to Malta. Amongst the programmes, the Malta Ordinary Residence Scheme gives EU/EEA nationals the right to transfer their tax residence to a high quality and safe jurisdiction such as Malta.
Maltese Citizenship can be attained through various pathways. Whilst it can be attained through birth, descent, marriage and adoption, it could also be attained through the various programmes available to investors.
The Portugal Golden Visa Residency Programme leads to EU citizenship within 6 years. A Portugal Golden Visa confers the rights to live & work in Portugal.
By creating a single status for European long-term resident third-country nationals, the Long Term Residence Directive approximates the laws of the Member States and ensures equal treatment throughout the Union, whatever the Member State of residence.
Swift technological advancements, social media and the internet have all contributed to the transformation of the manner in which artistic, literary works and other creative arts are created, produced, distributed and exploited. Current law does provide exceptions and specific scenarios that attempt to tackle novel technologies however a revision of the Act, keeping in mind that technological neutrality is paramount, would greatly improve the current situation.
The residence requirement or the obligation to reside in Malta for a year before being granted Maltese citizenship under the Malta Individual Investor Programme has resulted from fierce debate since the circulation of the first draft of the IIP regulations back in 2013.
By virtue of Legal Notice 437 of 2020, Malta launched the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations with the scope of laying down the requirements and regulating the granting of citizenship by naturalisation for exceptional services to the Republic of Malta on the basis of humanity, or on the basis of exceptional interest to the Republic of Malta in accordance with Article 10(9) of the Maltese Citizenship Act.
Community Malta Agency was established in 2020 as an independent government entity to receive and process Malta citizenship applications through birth, descent, marriage adoption and Maltese citizenship by investment.

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