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What is permanent residency?

Permanent residency (PR) is an individual’s resident status in a country which is not his country of origin. Such status allows the holder of the PR certificate or card the right to legally reside in the issuing country for life whilst being entitled in certain cases to work, send his or her children to public schools, as well as having access to the national healthcare system. Permanent residency is distinct from citizenship but entitles the beneficiary most of the rights granted to citizens except for the right to vote and stand for local elections. Not every country allows permanent residency and this status is different from the status of Long Term Residency (LTR). Whilst is up to each country to set the rules for permanent residency, the status of LTR is based on European legislation and applies to non-Eu nationals who have resided in an EU country for more than 5 years.  

What is residency by investment? 

Residency by investment refers to programmes issued by various countries whereby the status of temporary or permanent residency is granted to foreign nationals and their family members who invest in that particular country. Investment routes vary from the setting up of companies, investing in property as well as investment in financial instruments. 

Why do people invest in a permanent residency? 

Acquiring Permanent Residency grants the beneficiary and the family members numerous benefits which range from the possibility to reside in a more secure country to being able to visit more countries without a visa.

- International Mobility: Permanent residency of a country situated in the Schengen Area offers individuals increased mobility. A residence card of a Schengen country allows its holder the right to travel without a visa throughout the Schengen Area which comprises 26 European countries. This benefit will save the applicant from the time consuming and bureaucratic process to apply for a visa. 

- Family: Applicants are able to include their family members in a PR application. Most permanent residence programmes allow the main applicant to include the spouse, children as well as parents of the main applicant and of the spouse. Accordingly, the main applicant may also extend the benefits of permanent residency to the rest of the family. 

 - Safety: Given the political instability and unrest in various countries, permanent residency secures the option to live in a peaceful and stable country of the applicant’s choice which guarantees safety for the applicant’s family. Permanent residency is often described as an insurance policy in times of instability. 

 - Education: Acquiring permanent residence allows children of the main applicant the right to reside permanently in the country of residence and availing themselves of world class educations systems found in the EU. 

 - Business: Permanent residency allows investors to base themselves in countries with growing economies based in the world’s largest economic zone (EU). Applicants benefit from the right of establishing business in the country of their residence as well as to travel within the Schengen Area without a visa.  

 - Real Estate: Most permanent residence programme require applicants to invest in real estate. Countries offering permanent residency gives the applicant the opportunity to invest in a stable and booming real estate market. 

 - Citizenship: Whilst permanent residence programmes differ from citizenship by investment programmes, residing in a country for a number of years can make the applicant and dependent family members eligible to apply for citizenship through naturalisation.  

Which countries offer residency by investment programs?

What are the requirements for obtaining a permanent Residency? 

Each country promulgates its own legislation which would list various eligibility criteria and requirements which the applicants would need to comply with in order to apply for and obtain permanent residency. There are however certain requirements which are common to all programmes: 

  • Provide evidence of source of funds
  • Provide a clean police record
  • Visit the country of residence
  • Invest in a government approved investment route which may vary from one country to another. Investment routes usually consist of real estate, financial instruments, company set-up and the creation of employment.

What can CCLEX do for you?

CCLEX specialises in residency by investment programmes for international families seeking international access and mobility, education, business, and investment opportunities in countries not otherwise accessible to them, whilst bringing increased wealth, talent, entrepreneurship and repute to the host countries. Our firm has adopted a rounded approach which allows clients to benefit from our fully-integrated firm-wide services. Once we identify our clients' personal and commercial objectives, we ensure that any domestic or international wealth structuring, family wealth issues or disputes, family office matters, as well as real estate and commercial transactions or philanthropic intentions are aligned with such objectives. Together with our Corporate and Tax teams, we offer an all-inclusive service to our clients, paying close attention to their intricate personal, business and legal requirements. We take pride in our level of professionalism and attention to detail, both essential elements in order to provide the best solutions to our private clients' needs. 

What makes CCLEX different? 

As an international firm, we are a multi-programme provider with Governmental licences authorising us to represent applicants for residency programmes with the governments of various countries. What distinguishes us, is our ethos which drives us to maintain the personal, boutique approach of a small firm, while delivering the expertise expected from a much larger firm. Years of experience in the business have reaffirmed our belief in the importance of face-to-face relationships and building a relationship of trust between the individual or family and their immigration advisor.  
Accordingly, we guide families, investors, and entrepreneurs in understanding the various residence options and our advice is always objective and solely based on our clients' best interests.  Our experience and specialisation enable us to also take on mandates to advise investors or their advisors on eligibility for the various programmes and to receive very confidential information within the context of our strict professional secrecy and lawyer-client privilege. 


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