Corporate Immigration

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Our seasoned Corporate Immigration Lawyers are dedicated to providing fully-encompassing relocation services, including relocation of company employees, offering tailored relocation assistance and support to individuals, families and corporate employees. Our goal is to provide high-quality relocation services that make the transition as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Malta Corporate Immigration

Chetcuti Cauchi’s Malta Immigration Law Practice has assisted and will continue to assist with the processing of National visas, Schengen visas, work permits applications, e-residence applications as well as applications under social security and tax according to law and opening a bank account in Malta. We help families by introducing them to Maltese schools according to the ages of the children, and assist them with the importation of pets into Malta.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of sound pre-immigration tax planning in order to avoid the needless pain of misusing an otherwise benign tax system for resident non-doms. It is also important to have a will which clearly regulates any assets currently or in future held in Malta.

Complete Corporate Immigration Services

Over the years, our firm has garnered extensive resources and experience in the Corporate Immigration Services which enables us to provide professional relocation services delivered with the flexibility to meet your company’s unique needs.

We offer a spectrum of Corporate Relocation Services, which include:

  • Relocation Consulting Client Support Services
  • Logistic Coordination
  • Removals and Shipping Management
  • Destination and Real Estate Services
  • Relocation Administrative Services
  • Cultural Training and Support Programmes for Staff and Family
  • Recruitment and Selection of Local Staff
  • Employee Payroll Management and other HR Services

Personalised Relocation Services

Our Specialised relocation team is committed to delivering a personalised solution to our clients’ employees during all phases of their relocation to Malta and Cyprus.

Typical Corporate Immigration Clients

Clients who have recently made use of our Malta and Cyprus Corporate relocation services include:

  • various fund management companies
  • financial institutions
  • various online gaming companies
  • various digital gaming companies
  • an energy generation company
  • an IT call centre
  • a film production company
  • an aviation company

Corporate Migration Services

We have a wealth of experience in implementing complex corporate migration projects which involve the transfer of seat or/and of the fiscal residence of a company to Malta and Cyprus. We are in the position to assist with the formalities required to register the entity with the Maltese or Cypriot Registry of Companies, as well as respective Tax Authorities. 

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