Corporate Relocation

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Our Corporate Relocation Services are dedicated to providing personalised relocation assistance and support to individuals, families and corporate employees. Through our exclusive services, we are fully geared towards easing out clients’ transition before and after relocating to Malta and making the process as seamless as possible. We believe in adopting a holistic approach to cover all aspects of the move and relieve the client from the stress of abiding to statutory requirements. Assuming a personal approach, our award winning team ensures that our clients are left at peace to concentrate on making Malta their new homestead and focus on their business.

Malta Corporate Relocation: Immigration

 As part of our immigration law practice, we assist in the attainment of National visas, Schengen visas, work permits, e-residence applications, as well as applications under social security and tax according to law and opening a personal bank account in Malta. We also offer various services and advise employees and their families in order to help them adjust easily to a new lifestyle.

We are fully aware of the pivotal importance of pre-immigration tax planning and thus we advise our clients accordingly in order to avoid any unnecessary distress which comes from the misuse of an otherwise benign tax system for resident non-doms. We also advise our clients on the procurement of a will which clearly regulates any assets currently, or in future held in Malta.

Cyprus Corporate Relocation

Being one of the top relocation destinations in the world (as per the ranking of an international lifestyle review), Cyprus enjoys a European political outlook and the lifestyle of a Mediterranean island.  With a free-market economy which is fully compliant with EU Rules, Cyprus is committed to macro-economic stability. Thus, Cyprus offers a number of opportunities as an ideal destination, both for individuals who may benefit from the Cyprus Residency Programme or the Cyprus  Citizenship by Investment Programme, but also for companies looking to set up shop on a country which often acts as the meeting point between the North African, Middle Eastern, Eastern Europe and EU markets.

Complete Corporate Relocation Services

Drawing on the firm's extensive resources and experience, our Corporate Relocation Services platform enables us to provide professional relocation services delivered with the flexibility to meet your company's unique needs.

The range of Corporate Relocation Services we offer includes:

  • Relocation Consulting Client Support Services
  • Logistic Coordination
  • Removals and Shipping Management
  • Destination and Real Estate Services
  • Relocation Administrative Services
  • Cultural Training and Support Programmes for Staff and Family
  • Recruitment and Selection of Local Staff
  • Employee Payroll Management and other HR Services
  • Personalised Relocation Services

Our specialized relocation team is committed to delivering a personalized solution to your employees during all phases of their relocation to Malta or Cyprus.

Typical Corporate Relocation Clients

Recent clients of our Malta corporate relocation services include:

  • various fund management companies
  • financial institutions
  • various online gaming companies
  • various digital gaming companies
  • an energy generation company
  • an IT call centre
  • a film production company
  • an aviation company

Corporate Migration Services

We have extensive experience implementing complex corporate migration projects involving the transfer of seat or of the fiscal residence of a company to Malta, or both.  We are able to assist with the formalities required to register the entity with the Malta Registry of Companies as well as the Tax Authorities.


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