Greece Golden Visa Application Process

Step by Step Process to acquire the Greek Golden Visa

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | 13 Sep 2019

Greece Golden Visa Application

Greek legislation 4251 of 2014 makes it possible for non-EU individuals to apply for and obtain a permanent residence permit in Greece. Once successful, the applicant and all family members obtain permanent residence as well as a residence card which is valid for 5 years and renewal for periods of 5 years thereafter. The permanent residence permit is granted to the main applicant, the spouse of the main applicant, parents of both the main applicant and the spouse, as well as children of the main applicant and the spouse up to the age of 21. As a firm who assisted a number of third country nationals in obtaining the Greek Golden Visa we make the application process straightforward for applicants and their family members. 

Step 1 - Enter Greece with a valid visa

In order to apply for the Greek Golden visa, the first step in the application process is to enter Greece with a valid entry visa.

Step 2 - Sign Power of Attorney & Obtain Tax Number

Once in Greece, the applicant is to sign a Power of Attorney in front of a Greek notary appointing our firm to manage all affairs in relation to the Greek Golden Visa which may range from the application of tax number (TIN), the opening of the bank account, the purchase of the property as well as the submission of the Greek Golden Visa. The said Power of Attorney may also be signed prior to the applicants visit to Greece as long as it is signed in any Greek Embassy.

Step 3- Open Bank Account 

In order to obtain permanent residence in Greece, a Greek bank account is essential. It is important that the funds which will be used for the acquisition of the property in Greece, are transferred to the Greek bank of the applicant first.

Step 4 - View & Purchase Property in Greece

The investment required to obtain the Greek Golden Visa is €250,000 which may be made in one property or more than one property, irrespective whether the properties are commercial or residential properties. It is important that such property is kept for life. 

Once the property has been chosen, legal due diligence on the property must be conducted and this includes confirmation of ownership titles and research for encumbrances such as mortgages, liens or encroachments. Once the legal due diligence has been conducted, the funds are transferred to the seller of the property, and property transfer tax must be paid. The new owner of the property is also registered with the Land Registry / Cadastral Office as the new owner of the property.

The property may only be sold if the applicant obtains Greek citizenship.

Step 5 - Submit the Residence Application

Submission of the Golden visa application and supporting documents may be performed either personally or through the power of attorney. 

Step 6 - Review of Application & Approval

Once the application has been submitted to the Greek authorities, the applicant will receive a receipt confirming the submission of the application which is considered as a temporary residence permit valid for one year until when the actual permanent residence permit is issued. Applications are usually processed within 9-12 months depending on the office where the application has been submitted. With such a temporary permit the applicant is entitled to the benefits of the residence permit they have applied for, hence they can legally reside in Greece. Once the application has been approved, the next step in the application process is for the applicant and family members to submit biometric data in Greece for the permit to be issued.

Step 7 - Submit Biometric Data

If the applicant is not present in Greece at the time of submission of the application, an appointment can be scheduled with the Greek authorities in order to submit biometric data after the approval of the application. It is a must that all family members visit Greece at this stage in order to give finger prints, photos and a specimen signature for the issue of the residence card.

Step 8 - Receive Golden Visa

Once the application has been approved and the biometric data is collected, it usually takes 30 days for the issuance of the final residence cards which are collected by our firm and then passed on to the applicant.

The applicant and family members enjoy permanent residency for life (children up to the age of 21) as long as the investment in property is also kept for life. The property bought under this programme may also be rented out.

The above steps in the Greece Application Process lead to a permanent residence permit in Greece for the applicant and qualifying family members when investing at least €250,000 in Greece real estate which is to be kept for life. 

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