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 15 окт 2021 Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig
With the recent political challenges in Afghanistan, a number of reputable Afghan nationals are seeking residency and citizenship in countries offering immigration by investment options. This is in fact reflected by the increasing number of Afghan nationals submitting applications for second residency or citizenship.
 26 май 2021 
Гражданство Мальты по наследству может быть получено на основе рождения на Мальте родственника по восходящей линии и его/ее родителя, после подачи соответствующего заявления и принятия присяги на верноподданность.
 15 апр 2021 Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig
The Government Agency responsible for the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) adopts a stringent four-tier due diligence process that ensures that only individuals of good repute and standing are approved under the MPRP.
 18 мар 2021 Admin
Whilst the legal framework of REITs differ across jurisdictions, many similarities in the way tax applies to REITs can be found in each framework.
 18 мар 2021 Admin
The MFSA has published a publication outlining eight main areas within Malta’s asset management and servicing industry, which are expected to be impacted in case of a hard Brexit. The MFSA has also shed light on the fact that the financial industry is one of the most important sectors appearing to be affected by Brexit.
 18 мар 2021 Admin
A second citizenship means a safeguard for the future. According to Dr Chetcuti, the steps to ensure a successful application for the Malta Citizenship by Investment is three-fold. These being, understanding the grounds for rejection, working with an immigration law firm and being open and honest with your lawyer.
 13 мар 2021 Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig
Following the success of the Malta Residence & Visa Programme (MRVP) Malta launched a new permanent residence programme open for non-EU nationals. The newly announced Malta Permanent Residence Programme will grant a PR status to non-EU nationals investing in Malta from day one.
 19 фев 2021 Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig
European Residence Options for South Africans
 05 фев 2021 
By creating a single status for European long-term resident third-country nationals, the Long Term Residence Directive approximates the laws of the Member States and ensures equal treatment throughout the Union, whatever the Member State of residence.
 26 янв 2021 Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig
The Malta Permanent Residency Agency periodically issues a list of countries, nationals of which or those who have close ties to with them are not eligible to apply under the Malta Permanent Residence Programme.

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