Malta Permanent Residence Programme

Malta Permanent Residence Programme

The Malta Permanent Residency Programme CCM cclex

Malta, the smallest European Union member state is an island of stability with a welcoming innovative mind-set and a proven record of economic success. Malta enjoys a stable political climate and a bi-partisan political scene that is largely convergent on issues of national and economic importance. The country is ideally located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and acts as a perfect bridge between Europe and other continents. Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and of the Schengen Area since 2007. 
Residence obtained under this programme grants a Maltese permanent residence permit which allows its beneficiaries the right to reside, settle and stay in Malta as well as to travel visa-free within the European Schengen Area. 

Country Highlights

CAPITAL CITY: VallettaLANGUAGES: Maltese & English
TOTAL AREA: 316 km²POPULATION: 441,543
NEAREST COUNTRY: Italy, 255 kmTIME ZONE: Central European Time Zone (UTC+01:00)

Legal Basis

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme was announced by the Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities. The proposed regulations under the Immigration Act will provide the ability for affluent persons of impeccable standing and repute to apply for Maltese residence on the basis of a contribution to Malta, an investment in property as well as a donation to a charity organisation. 


  • Permanent Residence from day one
  • The right to reside indefinitely in Malta
  • Investment required only for the first 5 years
  • Visa-free travel within Schengen Area
  • No minimum physical presence required to maintain immigration status
  • Ability to include the spouse, parents, grandparents and children in the same application.
  • Malta is an English speaking country


  • The Malta Permanent Residence Programme is open to non-EU nationals
  • All the family is eligible. Family applications, include the spouse, parents of both the main applicant and spouse, and children
  • Applicants need to provide evidence that they hold at least five hundred thousand euro (€500,000) in capital, out of which one hundred and fifty thousand euro (€150,000) should be in the form of financial assets.
  • Applicants must have a valid travel document
  • Applicants must have a health insurance covering their presence in Malta


Applicants under the Malta Permanent Residence Programme are required to fulfil the following requirements: 

  1. Pay a Government contribution of €68,000 if the applicant purchases a qualifying property or €98,000 if the applicant rents a qualifying property, and
  2. Rent or Purchase Property*, and
  3. Make a philanthropic contribution of €2,000 to a local registered philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare or artistic NGO registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, or as otherwise approved by the Malta Permanent Residency Agency

The Minimum Property Purchase Price / Annual Rent are as following: 

  • Malta: Purchase at €350,000 or rent at €12,000 annually
  • Southern Region of Malta and Gozo: Purchase at €300,000 or rent at €10,000 annually


Process & Timeline

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