Why choose St Lucia for a Second Passport ?

Why choose Saint Lucia for a second Passport?

| 22 Feb 2017

Why Choose St Lucia

Unlike a number of other Caribbean nations, St Lucia has only just released its St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme in 2015, making it the most recent addition to the citizenship programmes offered by various Caribbean nations. Thus, St Lucia’s Investment Board was able to utilise decades of experience of other Caribbean nations in order to draw up a programme which was inspired by tried-and-true practices which have made other Caribbean CBI programmes a success.

Moreover, St Lucia has recently amended its programme on 22nd December 2016 in order to make it more cost effective, namely by reducing the donation required from US$200,000.00 to US$100,000.00, and removing other stringent requirements. The 2016 amendments which came into force on 1st January 2017 have brought St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme in line with that of Dominica with respect to donations to the national investment fund.

St Lucia – the pearl of the Caribbean

Beyond the St Lucia citizenship by investment programme which confers several benefits to investors seeking to diversify their investment portfolio, the island offers so much more. St Lucia vaunts a calm, rustic way of life which is adorned by an undisputable natural beauty and a rich culture.

While offering a simple lifestyle in small colourful villages which are surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking geology, St Lucia also caters for those seeking to experience a luxurious stay in this Caribbean nation. St Lucia is renowned for its small, yet luxurious resorts which combine the natural rustic charm of the islands with all the flair of a luxurious lifestyle.

The Rodney Bay area in the north of the island is ideal for those seeking to unwind and relax. There are various chic resorts offering all the modern facilities one would need and which are surrounded by the island’s scenic natural views.

On the other hand, the Soufrière area in the south appeals to the adventure-lovers wanting to experience unforgettable outdoor adventures in St Lucia. One may hike along vast regions of old plantations, discover unspoilt hidden beaches or even track and climb St Lucia’s emerald green mountainous regions surrounded by beautiful crystalline beaches, namely the famous Pitons mountains which have become the unofficial national icons of St Lucia.

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme

Despite being the newest player in the field, St Lucia’s approach to introducing its citizenship by investment programme to investors all over the world has been a highly engaging one in order to ensure that the highest standards of professionalism would be adhered to. The fruit of this work resulted in one of the best-positioned citizenship programmes in the Caribbean.  

Following the amendments carried out in 2016, St Lucia now offers the most affordable option for a secondary passport in the Caribbean which can be obtained within three months. The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme imposes less stringent requirements than other programmes offered globally. There are no physical requirements before, during or after the granting of citizenship. Moreover, the main applicant does not require a particular level of education or managerial experience and shall not be interviewed. However, an applicant must be of outstanding character and have excellent health, and hold no criminal record to be successful in his or her application.

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme includes dependent children under 25 and dependent parents above 65 years who are residing with the applicant, as well as mentally or physically challenged dependents.

Mobility is also an important factor which makes the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme an ideal option. Successful applicants will be granted free visa travel to over 100 programmes, including the EU Schengen Zone, the UK and Hong Kong.

With respect to tax, successful applicants will not be liable to tax on their worldwide income.

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