Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment within 6 months

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

With its warm climate and geographical location, Turkey continues to be an everlasting center of attention and is considered an attractive destination to obtain residency or citizenship. Holding a Turkish passport grants various benefits including visa free travel to over 100 countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and others.

The Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country located in both Europe and Asia and given this convenient geographical location, it is a natural and ideal bridge for travellers and investors. Today, Turkey is one of the most respected countries worldwide given its economic structure and in fact is also a member of the United Nations, NATO, the IMF, the World bank and the G-20. Turkey also joined the EU Customs Union in 1995 and commenced accession negotiations with the European Union. 

Country Highlights

TIMEZONE: GMT +03:00POPULATION:  82,812,976
TOTAL AREA: 783,562 km2      VISA FREE COUNTRIES: 110 countries,  incl. HK, Singapore, Japan

Legal Basis

The Turkish Citizenship Law no 5901 has been amended to regulate citizenship by investment and the citizenship programme was introduced in the law following an announcement in the Government Gazette on the 19th of September 2018. The law stipulates various investment options to obtain citizenship by investment and once satisfied, citizenship can be granted on the resolution of the office of the President of Turkey, provided that there are no impediments pursuant to national security and public order.


  • Fast Process 6 months
  • Dual Citizenship allowed
  • Investment to be kept only for 3 years
  • Property purchased may be rented out
  • Citizenship transferable to Descendants


  • Main Applicant Minimum 18 years of Age
  • Clean Criminal Record & Source of Funds
  • Acquire Turkish Residence Permit
  • Real Estate Investment (250k) or
  • Other Investment Options (500k)

Process & Timeline

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