Montenegro Citizenship by Investment 2022 Amendments

Citizenship by Investment Programme Renewed for Another Year

| Published on 17 Jan 2022

Montenegro Citizenship – 2022 Amendments

The Government of Montenegro has renewed the country’s citizenship by investment programme until the end of 2022. Originally, the citizenship by investment programme of Montenegro was designed to accept the last applications until the 30th December 2021. The extension of Montenegro’s citizenship by investment programme was taken by the Montenegrin Cabinet who also decided to implement some changes to the requirements of the programme. 

This decision has been taken upon an increase in the demand of applications mainly in the second half of 2021, especially because of the fact that, Montenegro is one of the candidates to join the European Union in 2025. Furthermore, Montenegro’s Minister of Economic Development held that the programme was helping the country’s development making it a regional leader in innovation and development and helping with the economic recovery after the covid pandemic.

Government Contribution Increased by €100,000 

Applicants submitting their citizenship application under the revised programme are required to make a non-refundable contribution of €200,000 to Montenegro’s Government Fund, rather than €100,000 as was required until December 2021.

The Government contribution of €200,000 shall be used as follows: 

  • €100,000 for the development of less developed municipalities
  • €100,000 for an innovation fund

Investment in a Government Approved Project 

Applicants are still required to invest in a designated approved project for either €250,000 (projects in northern part of Montenegro) or €450,000 (projects in the coastal part of Montenegro or in the capital city Podgorica). 

The minimum cost for applying for citizenship in Montenegro will now start at €450,000, in addition to due diligence and application fees. Investors are also required to provide a bank guarantee of at least half of the investment amount to the government within thirty days of submitting a citizenship application.  

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme Requirements  

Investment  Until December 31st, 2021From January 1st, 2022
Non-refundable contribution € 100,000 € 200,000 
Purchase of real estate  € 250,000+€ 250,000+ 
Gov Application Fee € 15,000+ (depending on  number of applicants)€ 15,000+ (depending on  number of applicants) 
Gov Due Diligence Fee €7,000+ (depending on number of applicants) €7,000+ (depending on number of applicants) 
Total € 372,000+€ 472,000+

Benefits of Applying for Montenegro Citizenship by Investment 

The main benefits of applying for citizenship in Montenegro include:

  • Visa free travel to over 124 countries
  • Citizenship of a country planning to join the EU by 2025
  • Citizenship applications processed within 6 months
  • Mediterranean climate with beautiful scenery 
    Family members can also be included

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