New investment options for the St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment Programme

The Introduction of the Sustainable Growth Fund and a US$200,000 Real Estate Option.

| Published on 21 Mar 2018

New investment options for the St Kitts Citizenship Programm

The Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis has announced the introduction of two new investment options within its Citizenship by Investment Programme.

On the 20th of March 2018 the Government of St Kitts and Nevis released a press release addressing the introduction of two new investment options to the St Kitts CBI programme; the Sustainable Growth Fund and a new real estate investment option, to be introduced by the end of March.  

The introduction of the Sustainable Growth Fund Option

The Sustainable Growth Fund will replace the Hurricane Relief Fund (HRF) that will expire by the end of March 2018. The HRF was a temporary investment option introduced in October of 2017 that set out to raise funds following the devastating hurricane season that hit the Caribbean nations. 
Similarly, the new Sustainable Growth Fund will invest in areas benefitting citizens and residents of St Kitts and Nevis, such as health care, education, alternative energy, heritage, infrastructure, tourism and culture, climate change and resilience, and the promotion of indigenous entrepreneurship.

Investment in the Sustainable Growth Fund will require the following investments;

  • a contribution of US$150,000 for a single main applicant. 
  • a contribution of US$195,000, following incremental steps, for a family of four.

 An addition to the Real Estate Option

In order to increase the attractiveness of the real estate option, the government of St. Kitts has decided to include a new alternative to the existing real estate option. 
The current real estate investment option will remain available. This requires a US$400,000 investment, together with US$75,000 in government fees, which can still be resold after five years. 
In order to attract further luxury resort developments, the government is also introducing a new option which also requires an investment of US$400,000, however this may be divided by two applicants at US$200,000 each, plus government fees, which would decrease the minimum investment by each applicant in half. With this option the investment can be resold after seven years. The government has also given favourable consideration to the inclusion of existing developments to qualify within the new option. 

The Prime Minister also emphasised the importance of having stringent due diligence, and the upcoming introduction of biometrics in the near future.

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