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Dr. Jean-Philippe Chetcuti | Published on 17 Jul 2017

CCA advises Montenegro on developing a Citizenship by Investment Programme

Public Tender for the Development of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme

On June 7th  2017, the Government of Montenegro issued a public invitation for participation in an international public tender for the design and implementation of a citizenship programme under which individuals may be granted Montenegrin citizenship by investment. 

The programme proposal had to incorporate three main elements:

1)    A detailed investment model for obtaining Montenegrin citizenship;

2)    Requirements for applicants; 

3)    A realistic assessment of the effects of the Program on the Government of Montenegro and Montenegrin economy accompanied with a study on which the aforementioned assessments are based.

The main objective behind the Montenegrin Government’s interest in establishing its own citizenship by investment programme is to propel economic development in the country through foreign business investments from reputable individuals who meet a specific set of investment and eligibility criteria. 

Summary of Main Proposals for the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme

As a global investment migration law firm having years of international experience in the advisory, promotion and processing of citizenship by investment programmes, we eagerly welcomed the announcement by the Montenegrin government, and submitted our comprehensive proposal for the development of the special investment programme. 

Our proposal features two main models, with both models in turn offering two separate investment options. Model A proposes a Contribution and Property Purchase element. While both options for this model require the same contribution, they offer flexibility by giving investors the options of either making a property investment in a developed area, or making one in an underdeveloped area, which calls for a lower investment threshold. 

Model B, on the other hand, comprises of a Contribution and an Investment element. Once again, the contribution is compulsory for both options of this model, however two different options for investment are put forth namely either an investment in a government fund or special purpose vehicle, or otherwise in designated private investments. 

Our proposal strategically identifies the primary industries responsible for driving economic growth in Montenegro and ensures that the foreign investments raised under the Montenegro Vitizenship by Investment Programme target these main areas. In doing this, the proposal ensures a guaranteed pathway for instigating a long-term economic success and in bringing about a surge in employment opportunities. 

Our Government Advisory Practice

With over 20 years of experience in the field of residency and citizenship, we at CCLEX pride ourselves in acting as a bridge between high net worth individuals seeking investment opportunities and governments aiming to attract foreign direct investment. As a law firm specialising in residency and citizenship programmes we uphold the highest standards in ensuring confidentiality in providing detailed and holistic advice to our clients, private clients and governments alike.  

Through our experienced and dedicated team of over 180 lawyers and professionals, we are well positioned to advise governments on the design, implementation and operation of residency and citizenship programmes.  Our approach to these programmes is based on attracting foreign direct investment to boost the economic growth of the country. 

Our government advisory practice provides holistic advice to governments on every aspect of the residency or citizenship programme, starting from the planning and design stage up to the actual implementation and operation of the programme. 

Through our expert advice we strive to ensure that the success of the programme is built around the highest levels of transparency and reputation of the programme, significant and sustainable economic growth for the country and substantial benefits for investors. 

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