Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme launched

Moldova launches Citizenship by Investment Programme

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 17 Jul 2018

Moldova Citizenship by Investment

The new Moldova Citizenship by Investment Progamme 

Moldova has announced its decision to launch a Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme, allowing third-country nationals the right to obtain citizenship by investment in the country. 

The announcement was made on Wednesday 11th July 2018, with Moldova’s Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, stating that the programme would attract foreign direct investment in Moldova and bolster the Moldovan economy. It is expected that such a programme will be launched and be operative within the next three months.



What are the benefits of the Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme?

Located in Eastern Europe, Moldova has a population of 4 million inhabitants, with the country actively pursuing European Union membership. The newly launched citizenship by investment scheme will allow investors the benefit of travelling to over 121 countries without visa requirements, including all countries in Europe’s Schengen Area, as well as countries such as Russia and Turkey.


Requirements - Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program

The financial requirements of the Moldova Citizenship by Investment programme have marked it as one which requires the lowest thresholds of investment when compared with other programmes. Applicants for this programme will have three investment options to choose from:

  • Direct donation as part of a Public Investment Fund Contribution (PIF), or

  • Investment in real estate or

  • Investment in Government bonds.

Under the first option, a single applicant may obtain a Moldovan passport for an investment of €100,000 as a direct donation to the Moldovan authorities. Alternative methods of investment include purchasing real estate in Moldova or investing in Government bonds, both with a minimum value of €250,000. Couples and families may also apply for Moldovan citizenship together.

The applicant would also need to pay government fees as well as due diligence & biometric fees. Applicants who have been denied a visa to a country or territory with which Moldova has visa-free or visa-on-arrival arrangements are to be considered ineligible to apply. Further details are yet to emerge with the launch of the programme.

The regulations establishing this programme within the Moldovan legal framework state that the total processing time from application to issuance of a certificate of naturalisation under the programme is estimated at approximately two to a maximum of three months if due diligence procedures run smoothly.



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