Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Limited Time Opportunity Extended Indefinitely

Family of up to four persons can obtain citizenship with a $100,000 Donation to National Development Fund

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 23 Oct 2019

Antigua  Barbuda Citizenship Limited Time Offer Extended

The Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda through the Citizenship by Investment Unit has issued a circular communicating the indefinite extension of the limited time offer under the National Development Fund. The Limited Time opportunity was originally available for prospective applicants until the 31st October 2019.

Applicants choosing this option may obtain the citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda through a one time non refundable donation of US $100,000. This discounted amount applies to a single applicant or families of not more than four persons.

The donation option to the National Development Fund requires the following :

A.    Single Applicant or a family of up to 4 applicants
•           US $100,000 Contribution
•           US $25,000 Processing Fees

B.    Family of 5 applicants or more
•           US $125,000 Contribution
•           US $15,000 Processing Fees for each additional dependent

The required processing and due diligence fees remain unchanged:

Due Diligence Fees

Applications submitted to the citizenship unit of Antigua & Barbuda are subject to strict due diligence processes which ensures that only applicants of good standing are granted citizenship. The Due Diligence fees are charged as follows:

  • $7,500 - Main applicant
  • $7,500 - Spouse
  • $2,000 - Children between the ages of 12-17
  • $4,000 - Dependents over the age of 18

Government Processing Fees

Government processing fees amount to $25,000 for a single applicant or a family of up to 4 persons. For families consisting of more than four family members, the government processing fee for each additional dependent amount to $15,000.

10% of the Government Processing Fees are non-refundable and to be paid upon submission of the application. 

Chetcuti Cauchi is a Government Approved Authorised Representative. Please contact us for more details on the citizenship by investment programme of Antigua & Barbuda.

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