All Rent Agreements to be Registered on Blockchain

Using Technology in Everyday Life

Steve Muscat Azzopardi | Published on 26 Jun 2019

Rent agreements registered on Blockchain

All rental agreements in Malta are now to be registered on Blockchain.  The decision was announced by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who stated that the reform was being done in order to implement further security.   

Benefits of using Blockchain Technology 

Registering such agreements through Blockchain technology would also prevent false records, as well as make available rental agreement to authorised personnel. More information on the reform, which was approved by the Cabinet will be released soon.

Investing in the Future - Blockchain Malta

This is only a small part of the Maltese Government’s investment in Blockchain technology.  The pro-business jurisdiction has supported emerging sectors and embraced technology in an effort to secure a future for the economy as well as to facilitate tasks in everyday life, being the first jurisdiction to regulate blockchain technology.   
Recently, Malta has also proposed that government agencies and the Malta Registry of Companies be run on Blockchain technology, and has even inaugurated a campus dedicated to Blockchain.

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