CBI Index ranks Dominica and St Kitts & Nevis as Best CBI Programme

The Best Ranked Countries Running a Citizenship by Investment Programme

| Published on 23 Aug 2021

CBI Index ranks Dominica and St Kitts and as Best CBI

The Professional Wealth Management Magazine, a publication issued by the Financial Times issued its fifth edition of the annual Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Index. The index evaluates the current citizenship by investment programmes worldwide and gives them a ranking over nine different pillars which include: standard of living, freedom of movement, minimum investment required, mandatory travel or residence period, timeline to acquire citizenship, ease of processing, due diligence process, inclusion of family members and certainty of product. In total, 14 countries across the Caribbean, Europe and Asia where ranked. 

The Best Countries Running a CBI Programme

In the 2021 edition the citizenship programmes of Dominica and Saint Kitts & Nevis shared the top ranking as the best countries running a citizenship by investment programme. This marks the Commonwealth of Dominica’s fifth year as the best country offering a CBI programme, whilst it is the first time that Saint Kitts & Nevis has been ranked first. It also marks the first time in the history of the CBI index by the Financial Times that two citizenship by investment programme secured themselves the title of the world’s best programmes. 

Dominica and Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment Programmes

Dominica and Saint Kitts ranked first for the ‘mandatory travel or residence period’ index, along with ‘ease of processing’, ‘due diligence procedure’ and ‘inclusion of family members’. In addition, Dominica also ranked first in the minimum investment outlay and certainty of product indexes whilst Saint Kitts & Nevis for the second consecutive year ranked first in the citizenship timeline index reflecting the efficient processing time of St Kitts Citizenship by Investment Unit. This is also due to the only accelerated application process available in the region which can lead to a citizenship application processed within only sixty days. 

Caribbean Region - CBI Programme Offering

In respect to other countries offering a citizenship by investment programme, the Caribbean region took the top five spots in the fifth edition of this report with Grenada, Saint Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda following the top ranked countries of Dominica and Saint Kitts. This reflects the region’s CBI programmes evolvement to meet the investors priorities such as including more dependents as qualifying family members. 

The new ranking is expected to attract more CBI investors to Dominica and Saint Kitts as these two countries are leading the industry by being the most transparent and family friendly programmes of their kind. 

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