Doing Business in Europe

Doing Business in Europe

Doing Business in Malta

Despite its relatively small size, the jurisdiction of Malta offers a multitude of golden opportunities to foreign entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and investors seeking an attractive, yet safe business environment. Malta has fashioned itself as a jurisdiction of choice for businesses, attracting a variety of investors with its strategic position as a bridge between the European and North African markets, its highly-qualified, advantageous tax system, English-speaking workforce and a high European / Mediterranean standard of living. Moreover, Malta has adopted a positive approach to business promotion and development which has made the Island Republic a destination of choice for the relocation of business and personal residence.

Businesses in Malta will be operating in a full member of the European Union, and a primary gateway into Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Since attaining EU membership in 2004, Malta has developed a number of healthy business ties and beneficial fiscal agreements with other EU member states. Malta has also been part of the Schengen Area since 2007 which allows Maltese or other Schengen members to travel freely within the EU. 

At Chetcuti Cauchi, we offer a vast range of services to individuals and business families who seek to relocate their business to Malta. Our legal, tax, and corporate professionals have a wealth of expertise in providing comprehensive advice which caters to all our clients’ various needs, be it a startup seeking to benefit from Malta’s profitable tax regime or local subsidies, or even larger investments, joint ventures and take-overs of companies.

Our various practices are geared at providing professional advice that exceeds conventional corporate and commercial concerns. Our goal is to assist our clients in the most comprehensive and holistic manner, and we do so by familiarising ourselves with their business goals and tackling any issue which arises in a sound but expeditious manner, ensuring high responsiveness and adhering to our clients' wishes whilst fully maintaining legal and corporate compliance.

Our lawyers and tax and finance experts work hand in hand to identify and resolve any legal or financial issue, and provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for scenarios involving personal and corporate tax, franchising, intellectual property, employment law, secured transactions, immigration and relocation, corporate finance and banking, real estate and leasing, environmental law, international trade, securities and personal wealth management, among several others.

Our services are multi-faceted. Apart from helping clients to set up their businesses in Malta, we also assist them in taking up residence in Malta for business, study and tax purposes, thus ensuring that their move to Malta is as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Moreover, through our practical know-how of the industry and extensive network of connections, we offer ancillary services to help clients adapt to a new lifestyle and business environment.

Doing Business in Cyprus

Cyprus offers significant advantages to entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and investors seeking a lucrative, but low-risk jurisdiction to set up their business. The jurisdiction attracts investors for a number of reasons, namely its low-cost yet high European / Mediterranean lifestyle, a highly advantageous tax regime and its full European Union membership. Although Cyprus has not ratified the Schengen Treaty, the Island Republic still acts as a gateway to Europe, providing visa free access to the European Schengen Area to non-EU nationals taking up residence in Cyprus.

Cyprus also acts as a prime European platform for international activities, providing a business-friendly environment, legal certainty, high-level professional advisors, a skilled workforce and a lower overall cost of operating.

Our professionals have copious experience in assisting transactions ranging from startups benefiting from local subsidies and tax breaks to larger investments, joint ventures or take-overs of companies in Cyprus. Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and relocation specialists have assisted key clients in taking up alternative residence in Cyprus for business, study or tax purposes. We have advised foreign nationals, private companies and multinational corporations on the benefits of basing their international business activities in Cyprus. This has involved advising on all legal, financial, tax and practical aspects of investing and doing business in Cyprus. Our team has assisted a variety of clients in taking up residence, buying property and adapting to a new lifestyle effortlessly in Cyprus.

Mediterranean Island Gateways to the European Union

Malta and Cyprus have set themselves up as favourable European platforms for international commerce entering or emerging from the Eurozone. This is attributed to their business-friendly environment, legal certainty, high-level professional advisors, skilled workforce, modern telecommunications infrastructure and lower overall operating costs.  

At Chetcuti Cauchi we have adopted a holistic approach which allows our team to cater for the legal, financial, tax and practical aspects to investing and doing business in Malta and Cyprus. We have advised foreign nationals, private companies and multinational corporations on the benefits of basing their international business activities in such a reputable yet versatile jurisdiction, providing solutions on the most effective and cost-efficient ways of doing business.  

Both jurisdictions are EU member states, thus Maltese and Cypriot companies or business enterprises will benefit from unhindered access to European Union funding. Moreover, they may also benefit from local incentives offered by the Governments to encourage the growth of business in Malta and Cyprus.  Pharmaceutical, high-tech, software development, IT services, renewable energy, gaming, digital games development and telecommunications set ups are particularly encouraged and supported.


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