Residency & Citizenship Roadshow

Zurich | 15 Mar 2016

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Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti, one of the founding partners of Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, and Mr Roger Breitenstein our consultant in Zurich will be attending firm visits as part of a Residency & Citizenship Roadshow taking place between the 15th and 17th of March 2016 in Switzerland. 

Residency & Citizenship Roadshow

The three (3) day Residency & Citizenship Roadshow will consist of a number of firm meetings and presentations on Malta & Cyprus Residency & Citizenship programmes being held in 3 major cities i.e. Zurich, Leichtenstein and Munich. The 3 day event will also see the launch of our new representative office in Zurich on the the 1st day. 

Malta and Cyprus Citizenship & Residency at the Residency & Citizenship Roadshow

During the Residency & Citizenship Roadshow, Dr Jean-Phillipe will talk about the citizenship and residency programmes provided under Maltese & Cypriot law for individuals and their families to reside in Malta or Cyprus. He will explore the eligibility criteria and benefits of each programme and compare both jurisidictions accordingly.

Our Residency and Citizenship practice

CClex is specialising in private client tax planning, personal wealth structuring, family business advisory, corporate relocation and citizenship and residency planning.   

Dr Chetcuti is a key advisor to the Maltese Government on the design of Malta Citizenship by Investment.

He also advises on the Malta Global Residence Programme and buying property in Malta. Within his tax planning and wealth structuring function, he specialises in the use of Malta holding companies and Malta's Participation ExemptionMalta royalty companiesMalta trusts and Malta foundations and Malta Professional Investor Funds.

Mr Breitenstein is a specialist in international residence and citizenship planning, advising and assisting clients in relocating and obtaining alternative residence/citizenship. He graduated from the University of Lucerne (MLaw) and has expertise is in migration law, national and international tax law, contract and commercial law, employment law, social security law, relocation management, relocation of persons and companies.

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