Will Brexit be Delayed?

British Parliament’s latest vote

Steve Muscat Azzopardi | Published on 15 Mar 2019

Will Brexit be delayed

On Thursday 14th March, the British Parliament was faced with another important vote on the future of Britain leaving the EU. This time, the parliament agreed to delay Brexit, acknowledging that they will not be meeting the Brexit deadline of 29th March. The British MPs also voted against a second referendum. This vote comes after Tuesday’s vote where the Parliament rejected May’s second Brexit deal, despite several effort to address controversial issues within the original deal which was rejected on the 15th January. 

Brexit: What Happens Next? 

Since Thursday’s vote passed by a landslide of 412 to 202 votes in favour of delaying Brexit, Theresa May will need to ask the EU for an extension to Article 50. This must receive approval from the leaders of the 27 other Member States of the EU. In light of this, May made the offer to delay Brexit conditional upon gaining the support required providing Parliament with another Brexit plan this week. Her main obstacle, however, is to turn around the opposition against her previous plan, particularly within her own party. 

The EU’s Reply to Brexit 

Following this week’s votes, the EU has issued a response, upholding that the extension will not take place automatically, but that the EU will need to consider its own interests, ensuring the proper functioning of the EU institutions in case of a delay. 

Many have reported that the EU is ready to tell May that a delay will be granted to them on condition that she holds a second referendum or softens Brexit, stressing the importance of giving the people a second vote as to whether the UK should leave the EU or not.

The Future of the UK with regards to Brexit 

Many businesses have expressed worries over the future of their companies in the UK because of all the uncertainty that surrounds Brexit. Reports have shown that many are setting up hubs outside of the UK in order to protect their businesses, particularly since many are foreseeing times of economic struggles for the UK’s immediate future post-Brexit. 

Acknowledging this, Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates has set up webinar recordings for businesses interested in determining how they should prepare for new rules and policies in part of a post-Brexit world. 

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