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Since the 1990s, CCLEX is a loose collaborative association of independent immigration lawyers from various countries.  CCLEX members meet regularly to discuss immigration law matters, publish joint research and national legal developments of interest to immigration and taxation.  CCLEX is not a legal entity and member lawyers and their law firms operate independently from each other. Client engagements are entered into directly with lawyers and the firms in each country.

Membership Criteria

CCLEX employs a meticulous selection and due diligence process to ensure that our member lawyers include only reputable specialists in their legal fields. Membership is carefully controlled to ensure the association’s growth is sustainable.

Candidate lawyers are carefully screened to ensure they share our core values and are required to meet the following specific criteria:

  • Specialised in immigration law and taxation in an international context.
  • Recognised in their jurisdiction.
  • Technical experts in their areas.
  • Ability to work in English and to publish their work in the English language..
  • Strong domestic focus combined with significant expertise in cross border business.
  • Competitive fee rates.
  • Conveniently located offices for international business
  • Located in a region or jurisdiction in which CCLEX does not currently have a representative member

Candidate firms must demonstrate commitment to:

  • The highest standards of integrity, ethics, transparency, and professionalism
  • High quality advice and excellent service standards
  • Responsive, flexible and value-adding services
  • Substantial partner involvement and oversight in client matters
  • Continuing professional education of staff
  • Participation in association initiatives aimed at fostering close personal relationships between member firms.

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