Chetcuti Cauchi has been progressively providing assistance with legal issues in ICT Law to small businesses and to larger corporate businesses alike, which operate in this eccentric sector where geographical boundaries are not an issue.

ICT Law – Malta and Cyprus

Knowledge of the uninterrupted progress in the ICT Law industry is why it is fundamental that businesses rely on advisors, something which businesses are becoming increasingly aware of.  Chetcuti Cauchi’s clients range from start-up companies all the way up to larger corporations who seek to obtain specialized advice, both on business to business and business to consumer.

With the National Information & Communication Technology Strategy Plan, the confirmation of Malta’s position as Europe’s ‘Smart Island’ was reconfirmed.  Malta’s aim as a Centre for ICT excellence is to develop a framework to assist ICT start-ups by helping them set up their operation at a low cost, and placing the island in the right position for the next generation of technology.  The aforementioned plan has laid down the fundamentals for a world class infrastructure, increased the reception of e-business by the general public and focused on the development of an ICT-geared human capital.  As a result of this, Malta is becoming the ideal jurisdiction for technology and internet based companies to set up shop within our shores, with assurance that the island has commenced this project with the necessary ‘can-so’ spirit. 

Due to the fact that ICT Law is a wide sector, Chetcuti Cauchi offers a wide range of legal advice related to ICT. This includes areas such as web technology, domain name planning and related disputes, intellectual property issues, technology and transfer of technology agreements, ISP liability, data protection, securities offerings, mergers and acquisitions, as well as advice on the legal implications of hacking, security infringements, encryption and piracy.  Providing assistance with confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, IT sourcing arrangements, software as well as hardware supply to implementation agreements is also an integral part of the services we offer.

The Malta Communication Sector includes traditional telecommunications, cloud communications, software enabled communications, advanced communication application (apps) services and communications equipment manufacturing, among others..

 Malta offers a numbers of incentives to the ICT sector, which include incentives to the subsidiary e-commerce, technology and communications industry. Chetcuti Cauchi offers made to measure solutions for both legal and physical persons who are looking to benefit from a wide range of fiscal and financial benefits. With our corporate and tax advisors in our team, we ensure that the advice is ingenuous and take into consideration all aspects of the transaction.

The Regulation of Electronic Communication and Postal Service Law ("the RECPS Law") in Cyprus

The Regulation of Electronic Communication and Postal Service Law ("the RECPS Law") is regulating telecommunications, media and information technology activities and services in Cyprus that follows the EU model.  Such law aims to provide integrated and consistent regulation with regards to ICT Law. Cyprus has invested in different systems to serve the needs of international business. Cyprus is recognised as a leading telecommunications hub in the Eastern Mediterranean because there are no restrictions upon foreign investment in this area.


Our ICT Law team

The ICT team bring knowledge and professional experience to bear in the evolving areas of ICT, telecommunications, internet and e-commerce. Apart from working within the firm from different departments, we also work conjointly with external collaborators that need to be included in such transactions, such as banks, government departments, auditors, payments gateways, ISPs and co-location centers.  This is to ensure that the solution given caters for the specific needs of the clients. 

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