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Over the years, CCLEX lawyers have been providing professional assistance to private clients and high net worth individuals seeking to obtain permanent residence permits around the world for retirement, offshore living, international business travel or tax reasons.  With growth in the investment migration industry and more and more countries attracting skilled or investor migrants to stimulate their economies, CCLEX lawyers in key destinations also provide personal tax and tax residence advice within in Europe as well as the wider wealth and business structuring relevant to this context.

independent immigration lawyers and tax advisors 


CCLEX is a global association of independent immigration lawyers and tax advisors in United Kingdom, Zurich, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, St Kitts and Nevis. CCLEX lawyers  are able to seamlessly advise successful entrepreneurs, business families and institutions on their needs at home and abroad. As a multidisciplinary firm, it provides legal, tax, corporate and fiduciary services to its clients, mainly relating to the practices of Residency & Citizenship, Property and Tax.  

Since the 1990s, CCLEX is a loose collaborative association of independent immigration lawyers from various countries.  CCLEX members meet regularly to discuss immigration law matters, publish joint research and national legal developments of interest to immigration and taxation.  CCLEX is not a legal entity and member lawyers and their law firms operate independently from each other. Client engagements are entered into directly with lawyers and the firms in each country.

Private Client Focus

CCLEX lawyers specialise in providing sound immigration law advice and cross-border legal and tax assistance to private clients worldwide.  CCLEX lawyers are well positioned to serve private clients ranging from retirees, start-up entrepreneurs, to high net worth individuals and their family offices.  

CCLEX Member Lawyers in Switzerland

Switzerland is international banking centre and is important for the firm's clients seeking high quality banking and asset management.  Our Zurich office is headed by representative Roger Breitenstein, an international residency and citizenship planning lawyer, advising and assisting clients in relocating to Switzerland and obtaining alternative residence and citizenship in European financial centres of Malta and Cyprus. His extensive knowledge of the Maltese and Cypriot legal and tax system has rendered him suitable for this role.  

In his capacity, Breitenstein acts as the first point of contact for Swiss law firms, banks, financial advisers and family offices wishing to work with an international law firm closer to home.  The firm also provides assistance to successful entrepreneurs, business families and institutions using the financial centres of Malta and Cyprus. Primarily, various individuals mainly seek  services relating to  the Residency & Citizenship practice, where the firm’s investment migration professionals will advise and assist on the application of the Malta Citizenship & Residency by Investment programmes, the Cyprus Investment Programme as well as the Caribbean programmes.  

In addition to serving private clients seamlessly on their private legal needs within a highly accessible location, the firm’s Zurich office also assists businesses, financial institutions, and financial services companies seeking to set up in Malta or Cyprus. The firm also provides advice with regards to the VAT & Tax benefits of Aircraft ownership in Malta, the VAT & tax benefits of Superyacht ownership & management as well as, Trusts and foundations in Malta. 

CCLEX Member Lawyers in London

From the London office, CCLEX's lawyers also advise on UK investor visas, UK Innovation Visas, UK entrepreneur visas and other UK immigration matters.  The firm works hand-in-hand with other niche law firms as well as accountants, tax consultants, and other professional advisors in order to ensure that their clients experience success in the UK projects.   Having an office in Temple, London, one of the world's prime financial centres enables CCLEX to have a more direct contact point for both London clientele as well as international clients who often briefly stop in London on their way to other destinations.   

CCLEX Member Lawyers in Malta

CCLEX's Malta members are based in Valletta, Malta’s capital city and financial centre. As a leading international law firm, their  professionals offer advice and service a variety of businesses, ranging from private clients to investment professionals, shipping companies and technology groups. The Malta office is a reflection of the firm’s aim to provide clients with comprehensive legal, accounting and taxation services within their numerous disciplines.  

As a firm, CCLEX take pride in their well-knit team of lawyers, tax advisors and immigration professionals who work hand in hand to deliver the best solutions tailored to their clientele’s needs.  

Over the past decade, Malta has been experiencing significant success within its economy as a result of its high-quality regulation, accessibility and highly competitive fiscal regime. In fact, Malta is breaking barriers in the Financial Services and Fintech industry through its numerous innovative ideas, incentives as well as its avant-garde legislative frameworks.   

The Malta office provides an excellent platform for those interested in benefitting from the countless opportunities which the jurisdiction has to offer.  CCLEX Malta has also grown to be regarded as the Maltese firm of choice by various leading professional firms in the EU and worldwide.


CCLEX Member Lawyers in Cyprus 

CCLEX’s Cyprus office is located in the main business centre of Limassol. As a leading global law firm, their professionals offer advice and service a variety of businesses, ranging from private clients to investment professionals. Our Cyprus services mainly focus on the Cyprus Residency & Citizenship programmes as well as the setting up and management of shipping and technology companies.  

The team of seasoned lawyers, accountants and tax professionals work together to provide versatile, expeditious and multi-disciplinary advice to cater for their clients’ every legal, tax or corporate need. 

Cyprus is increasingly becoming a jurisdiction of choice for financial services. Its EU membership, comprehensive regulation, accessibility and competitive fiscal regime has attracted a variety of individuals and companies to its shores.  

The Cyprus office is dedicated towards assisting those who are interested in benefiting from the numerous opportunities and incentives which the jurisdiction has to offer. 

CCLEX in Singapore

Through our Singapore members, CCLEX lawyers manage important relationships with Asian entrepreneurs, families, high net worth Individuals, family offices and private banks, who wish to live, work or study in Europe by benefitting from one of the Residency or Citizenship programmes available.  From the important financial centre of Singapore, CCLEX’s lawyers are able to assist any Asian clients who wish to access the benefits of the European financial services sector. CCLEX lawyers in various locations assist with company relocation and domiciliation services to companies interested in setting up in Europe.  

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